​​​Ahnastasia Albert

This Pennsylvania native has been dancing since the age of three and performing professionally since the age of seven. 

With her heights always set high, this firecracker baby has been bursting all over the country. She spent a handful of years performing in shows and parades at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Following that she attended the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts. Missing the east coast, she decided to make the move to Manhattan. 

She has been steadily working at regional theaters over the past few years and attends several acting workshops, dance classes, and vocal lessons on regular basis, continuing to prep herself in hopes of one day fulfill her biggest dream of all, to one day be on Broadway!   

In addition to performing, Ahnastasia also loves to teach audition workshops, coach "sides" as a reader, judge national dance competitions with Starbound National Talent Competition, act as a Disney princess for children's birthday parties, through My Fairytale Party, and sing and bartend on restaurant row at the classic Swing 46 Jazz and Super Club.